This past Saturday, we attended NYU Local's Young Media Weekend. Their panel discussion featured successful writers and bloggers and we were able to get their take on the future of journalism and how rapid-growing technology has completely changed the game.

If you were too busy over-achieving or enjoying the weather, here's a handful of stand-out advice from the panelists on how to get a leg up on your competition once you graduate.

1. Be proactive and we don't mean your daily face wash routine. Kat Stoeffel said that during her writing internships in media, her employers were too busy to give her mentorship and guidance. This, more often than not, is the case for most news outlets.

In order to stand out and grow from your experience in this realm, it's important to be self-motivated...

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As I'm sure you know from our lack of recent blog posts and updated vignettes that we must be up to something. We want to let our community know that this absence is not in vain! We've listened to all of your feedback and have come up with a few solutions. We're re-designing the site to make it more informative, interactive and user-friendly.

The new features are set to include:

1. A blog reel offering insight into finding your passions and how to pursue them. We've reached out to job success experts, bloggers, previous shatterbox features and all-around interesting people to keep you informed and inspired on a daily basis.

2. A re-designed homepage that showcases everything you can do on the site. Sure, we want you to watch our vignettes, but we want you to sign up, interact and stay motivated beyond the end of a shatterbox story.

3. A user-generated page that will allow you to post YOUR shatterbox video. As much as we would love to fly out to Topeka,...

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We understand that we're somewhat preaching to the choir when we provide job search tips using social media with shatterbox visitors. Chances are you're already knee deep in tweets and have been hashtagging your heart out.

However, we want to bring it back to the basics when seeking that hard-to-find next step. JobMob provides a simple, yet extensive, checklist on ways to do just that. While some suggestions are more obvious than others, it's always a good idea to take a quick refresher course when you're looking for that summer internship or well-paid position.

To read the article, click here.

Do you have any suggestions for your fellow job seekers? Post away in the comment section below!


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We've all been there, scanning through the endless racks of job postings, hoping we find the perfect fit, that perfect job that matches our every skill and qualification. However, more often than not, we don't find it.

During a journey back through blogosphere lane (that's a place, right?), we found an old post from Brazen Careerist founder, Penelope Trunk. She gives helpful suggestions on how to go after jobs you might not feel qualified for by relating to her own convoluted career path.

We love this post because no one (at least no one who visits our site) takes a path that's straight, narrow and easy to navigate. We're a mixed bag of resumes and cover letters, so it's about time we reach outside of...

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Now that we've come out of our turkey comas and are prepping for a new year poised for goal-setting, we'd like to add an extra push of motivation from best-selling author and marketing guru, Seth Godin. He has a stack of free goodies on his site, and our favorite is The Bootstrapper's Bible, an e-book for entrepreneurs who build their business with little to no money.

The e-book is only free until December 30th, so download it!

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Does your work productivity come to a holiday halt this time of year? Is it hard getting a response from your co-worker whose rocking out to Burl Ives on their earbuds? It's easy for work to take a backseat with all of the parties and vacations in December, but there's no reason you can't find ways to stay focused. Unclutterer, a site dedicated to organizing your life, has some helpful tips on how to stay productive this month. Remember, with the year-end review around the corner, this is a great time to show extra enthusiasm to stay off the naughty list! Check out the article here.

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It's time to think outside of the box when it comes to job searching (or you could just shatter it.) Mashable posted a great article for those looking forward to bigger and brighter things, like a paycheck for instance. These six simple tips will help you to further understand the social media realm of Twitter and increase your chances of finding that perfect job. Check out the article here.

Do you have any advice when searching for jobs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Want to know the back story of successful and innovative entrepreneurs? What's their special secret? What advice could they share for people just starting out? Fast Company is highlighting these extra special go-getters with their new SAP-sponsored web series called Innovation Agents. Each week someone new lets us in on who they are and how they got there.

This week they've got Stephen Chau, Senior Product Manager for Google Maps. This guy went from an investment banker to leading one of Google's best-known products. Find out how Chau got to where he is today,...

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Our 2nd 'Mark Your Mark' Winner, Jason Koontz, has been busy since we last saw him. This New Jersey native is traveling the world and bringing his flair for creative shooting to every project he touches. He's living the dream by loving his work and wants to tell you all about it, keep reading for his special guest post! To check out some of his great work, visit his online portfolio and follow him on Twitter.


If you're not doing what you love, you're doing something wrong...This is what I seriously tell all of my friends, many of which have jobs that they don't even...

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Last week we hung out with Jenn De La Vega, our third 'Make Your Mark' winner. She recently returned from taking her chef skills to Brooklyn's Project Parlor BBQ Semi-Finals where she wowed with items like filipino adobo chicken wings and miso coleslaw. Cue mouth watering.

Jenn has been keeping busy with chef competitions and her blog, while still rocking it out as publicist for TheTank. Check out what's in store for the avant-garde event space, here.

Are you looking to make your mark? Would $1,000 help get your foot in the door? We thought so. Register HERE for next month's competition. We'...

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